Luke 24:36-48
Jesus Appears to His Disciples
In this Easter season, we are continuing to travel through Jesus' appearances to his disciples after his. Today's story from Luke 24:36-48 follows immediately after two of the disciples meet Jesus on the road to Emmaus. As they are telling their friends about these amazing events, Jesus suddenly appears among them, saying, "Peace be with you."
They are afraid, thinking they are seeing a ghost. But Jesus reassures them that he is truly alive. To prove it to them, he eats some food and shows them the wounds from his crucifixion. From there, he opens their minds to the Scriptures and speaks with them about his mission.
There is a lot to talk about in this story, from the meaning of peace, to the spiritual depths of an ordinary shared meal, to the fragile human hands carrying the promise of God's life. Join the clergy from St. Thomas and St. Columba (Beaumont) around the virtual table as we delve into this post-Resurrection appearance of Jesus.