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We are pleased to give you further good news. Mahret and Eyob arrived very recently (they are the family we were collecting items for, for their new home). Their 15 year old son, Yared, has been living with other family members, including a grandmother.  He is currently in Holland. 

Yared is to join his family here in Edmonton hopefully this month! We naturally do not have a date. 

To save money the family will drive to Calgary for him, but they do not drive yet. Eyob is now taking driving lessons. Tim and Marion will try to take the family and meet him in Calgary, but we do have some holiday plans. Or Yohannes, the co-sponsor, may have a day off and be able to drive the family. 

Please pray for Yared and his family as he has never met his father who fled to Eretria before his birth. 

We are also pleased to announce that Lamis’s parents Moutaz and Samira will join Lamis and her family soon.  This couple are Syrians and  will be coming from Saudi Arabia. (We sponsored Lamis Mohieddin, and their three children in 2016.)

Thank you for your continued support and hospitality of our brothers and sisters in Christ.