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The Food Bank needs us! Many of us have, for years, been faithful suppliers of non-perishables for the local Food Bank.  With our Church being closed, we have not been able to support this need as we did.  To that end, we are planning a big food drive on Sunday, May 30 from 2-4 in the Church parking lot.  
We will have able -bodies to lift the grocery bags from your vehicles and transfers them to others which will do a delivery the next day.  
There will also be a table set up to receive any cheques or cash donations should you wish to support Food Bank in this way.  (Cheques should be made out to the Strathcona Food Bank. )
Here is a list of items of which the Food Bank is in dire need: 
canned meats (ham, chicken, salmon, tuna, spam)
canned kidney beans
canned stew/chilli
canned pineapple and fruit cocktail
canned mushrooms
pancake mix and syrup
hamburger helper
jello puddings
dish soap 
paper towels
dry cat food
feminine products. 
Large containers are opened and re-packaged into smaller bottles, or jars to make them stretch farther so it is no problem if you buy a large economy size which is usually better value for your money.  
Let's make up for the last year and really help STOCK THOSE SHELVES!