A dedicated team oversees our refugee ministry, helping with immigration processes, settlement needs (medical, vision and dental care, education, legal requirements, cultural understanding, language learning, housing, social support, transportation, etc.) This is not an easy or straightforward process. Each sponsorship requires months and sometimes years of volunteer time. Walking with these resilient individuals and families has been a blessing to everyone involved, as they are a blessing to Canada.

** Unfortunately, the great need outpaces our capacity to help. The Diocese of Edmonton receives a certain number of sponsorship spaces from the government of Canada, and these are distributed among local churches. We have filled all of our available spaces and are not able to accommodate any new sponsorship requests.

Past Refugee Sponsorships:

1990      Family of 8 Cambodians. Joint effort of two churches.

1992      Family of 10 El Salvadorians, 3 churches working together.

1999      Family of 6 from Kosovo, coordinated with Mount Olivet and OLPH churches. 

2005      2 from Somalia

2014      1 from Somalia

2015      6 from Somalia

2016      Extended family of 14 from Syria, involving several churches and community members 

                5 Syrians, led by the same consortium of churches and community members

                2 Eritreans

                1 Somali

2017      5 Palestinians born in Syria

                1 Somali

2019      4 Somalis

                1 Somali